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GetOpeners – What Do I Send?

Calling all List Managers! Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of GetOpeners. Before You Start 1. Segment your list.  Chop anybody who has never opened or clicked. If the subscriber has never engaged, there is a low

Parcelle Wines

Case Study – Parcelle Wines

Parcelle Wines sees 41x ROI with GetEmails Parcelle is an online retailer with smart, delicious wines for every scenario in your life. Book A Demo Industry Beverage: Wines and Spirits Objective Rapidly Grow Email List, Drive ROI SolutionsGetEmails Identity Resolution

Case Study – Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins, a Nestle company, sees 9.25x ROI with GetEmails Vital Proteins is a health supplement retailer that offers nutritional, protein, and vitamin products for wide range of health needs like athletic performance, overall wellness, hair, skin, digestion, and more.

Adam Robinson, CEO of GetEmails

Identity Resolution Demystified: What is RampID?

What is RampID? Identity resolution connects the dots between your online and offline data to form a 360-degree view of the customer. It’s a vital part of people-based marketing. And one of the first steps with identity resolution is to

Adam Robinson, CEO of GetEmails

Identity Resolution Demystified: What is a hashed email?

Email addresses are about so much more than simply sending or receiving digital messages. Consumers use them for everything from signing into their social media accounts, streaming services, and to make online purchases. Emails have become a sort of electronic

GetOpeners: 26 Re-Engagement Email Examples

It’s reported up to 75 percent of email subscribers are inactive. If you’ve been doing email marketing for a while, you probably feel this pain point. We’re guessing you have a list of unengaged emails you’ve had to prune over