How to use the Revenue Tracking Script

How does the Revenue Tracking Script Work?

To track customer orders from GetEmails contacts on your eCommerce site, you can use our Revenue Tracking Script. This will identify the email address, order number, and transaction amount tied to a contact from your eCommerce site. We will then pull that data and display it on your Dashboard.

TAKE NOTE: The revenue tracking script automatically uses our suppression script. We can identify contacts with order information if they are suppressed.

Where should I put it?

The revenue tracking script should only be placed on post-checkout/purchase confirmation pages, or wherever a contact lands once they have finished a transaction.

What do I need to use it?

You will need the variables for ORDER NUMBER, ORDER AMOUNT, and ORDER EMAIL from your eCommerce platform.

Where do I find it, and how do I set it up?

1. From your GetEmails Dashboard, click Code Snippet in the left navigation. Then, click View Script next to the domain you want to add the snippet script to.

2. Check the box next to Revenue Tracking. Then, click Copy Code and paste it into your post-purchase thank you or confirmation page(s).

You will need to get the variables for the order number, order amount, and order email from your eCommerce site. Then, replace ORDER_NUMBER, DOLLAR VALUE, and ORDER EMAIL in the script with those variables, then place it on your post opt-in or checkout confirmation page(s).

Depending on what those variables look like, the updated version of the script might look something like this:

Okay, I’ve added the script! Now what?

Once the revenue tracking script is added, we will start to capture order information for your GetEmails contacts that land on these pages.

Once data is collected, your dashboard will display your week-over-week revenue, GetEmails contacts, and return on investment (ROI). You can click View More next to any of these sections to see the contact information, event, details, dates, and other information.

Revenue Tracker

How to add revenue tracking to your site

View tutorials for the e-commerce site you use to see how to add the revenue tracking script: