Does GetEmails have a white-label?

  One question we get from agencies is if GetEmails has a white-label option. We don’t have our own white-label YET. BUT you can achieve a white-label by following these easy steps: Use Google Tag Manager There are two ways to achieve a white-label in GTM: If you’re managing your client’s Google Tag Manager account, […]

How does GetEmails work?

One of the main questions we get about GetEmails is about how the technology actually works. What GetEmails Does GetEmails identifies up to 35% of your website’s anonymous traffic via a code snippet that’s placed on your website. How Does it Work? There are two parts to Email-Based Retargeting: Identification. We use cookies, but this […]

Email-Based Retargeting Best Practices

For most people, Email-Based Retargeting is a completely new concept in Email Marketing. This post is all about best practices for Email-Based Retargeting with GetEmails. 1. Don’t just start blasting them; start with a welcome series A long-standing best practice in Email Marketing is to send a welcome sequence immediately after someone signs up for […]

Examples of Privacy Policies of our Partner Websites

Our partner websites are mostly lead generation websites that drive traffic to a page, get the visitor to fill out a form, then sell that contact information to vendors. We work with over 12,000 websites. We have provided three examples of privacy policies, and we have also furnished a list of several other URL examples […]

What is Email-Based Retargeting?

Email-Based Retargeting is the best way to identify anonymous traffic on your website, connect those visitors to a robust profile (including postal address), nurture them through Email Marketing (or Direct Mail), and convert them to paying customers. What makes Email-Based Retargeting different from traditional Email Marketing is that Email-Based Retargeting gives you email addresses of […]

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