Getting Started

How does GetEmails work?

One of the main questions we get about GetEmails is about how the technology actually works. What GetEmails Does GetEmails identifies up to 35% of your website’s anonymous traffic via a code snippet that’s placed on your website. How Does it Work? There are two parts to Email-Based Retargeting: Identification. We use cookies, but this […]

How do I get started?

There are 5 main steps to get fully set up with GetEmails. The last two are optional. To begin using GetEmails, the first thing you need to do is add the code snippet to your website. After that, we recommend you verify the script to ensure that it’s been installed properly. Next, make sure the […]

How do I add the snippet script code to my website?

Adding the script to your website is different for every brand and depends on your domain host provider. Below, we have included instructions for some of the most common websites we see from our customers. Before you add the snippet script to the sites, you can find the code by following the steps below. Where […]

All About GetEmails

What is GetEmails? GetEmails is an amazing, proprietary technology that identifies up to 35% of anonymous traffic on your website. How does it work? GetEmails will provide you with a script to put on the backend of your website. As recipients visit your site but don’t identify themselves, the script will check our database to […]

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