How do I verify that my script is working?

Make sure the script works 1. To check whether or not your GetEmails script is installed and working properly on your website, click Code Snippet. 2. Click the eye image below¬†Verify. (If you don’t currently have your domain entered, click Add New Domain/Script in the top right.) 3. This will open your website in a […]

How can I access my GetEmails contacts?

Once you’ve installed the GetEmails script on your website and turned it on in your account, contacts will be added to your account once a day at 11 a.m. EST. Contact Downloads You can find your daily downloadable contact files in two places. From your¬†Dashboard, look under the Collected Contacts section. If you click the […]

How do I add the snippet script code to my website?

Adding the script to your website is different for every brand and depends on your domain host provider. Below, we have included instructions for some of the most common websites we see from our customers. Before you add the snippet script to the sites, you can find the code by following the steps below. Where […]

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