Account Settings

How do I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it from the sign-in page at 1. Click┬áReset your password. 2. Type the login email address associated with your account, and click Send Me a Reset Email. Then, follow the instructions in the email you receive to┬áreset your password.   If you’re already logged into your […]

How to use the Order Tracking Script

How does the Order Tracking Script Work? To track customer orders on your eCommerce site, you can use our Order Tracking Script. This will identify order numbers and amounts from your eCommerce site. We will then pull that data and display it in an ROI Cohort Chart on your Dashboard. TAKE NOTE: You cannot use […]

How do I cancel or suspend my account?

Suspend Details: Pay $5/month until you’re ready to resume sending Script will be turned off until the account is reactivated You will be charged now for any current, unpaid overage fees Ability to log in and have access to contacts, data, and export/download files Reactivate account at any time Cancellation (Close) Details: Account data is […]

How do I turn the collection script on or off?

You may turn your GetEmails collection script on or off at any time. There are two places you can toggle your script On or Off: Dashboard. My Account > Subscription. Note that if you run out of credits and do not have overages enabled, your script will turn off automatically until you’ve purchased additional credits.

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